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Help Needed

Many of you have been with me on this journey for a while, and I appreciate your continued support.

I do have a number of favors to ask of you

Please take time and help the project by doing what you can

Write Testimonial
Write a testimonial and send it to I will publish it at Please see the guide below.
Subscribe to the YouTube channel and like the videos
Ask your employer whether they can sponsor the project
It can be done via OpenCollective
Star the project on Github

Yours Truly,
Paul Greenberg

"Caddy Security has greatly reduced our time to deployment while helping us unify both internal and external authentication under AWS Cognito. It integrates seamlessly with our development environments, tool deployments, and private APIs through a simple and common caddy configuration. Paul went above and beyond, working with me to ensure group and role permissions from Cognito were fully supported. A+ software."

Matthew Sahagian
Technical Architect, Product Incubation

GPT Prompts

Browse to Google Gemini. Then, copy, end, and try the following prompt.

Sample Prompt
Write me a testimonial for the following:

I use Caddy Security app for Caddy web server for my internal web servers. It does good job at integrating myLDAP users and internal web apps.

Limit the output to 200 words.

Next, edit the generated text to match the reality of your usage of this project.